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Sacred Cows Tonight - A Movie and TV Review Comedy Podcast

A monthly sketch and discussion podcast where we talk about movies and TV old and new, and decide if they hold up! Follow us on Twitter @SacredCowsPod!

Sep 23, 2015

Great Scott! It's a topics and feedback episode that bridges the gap between the TMNT franchise and Back to the Future films! Join us as we discuss final thoughts on TMNT, next thoughts on Back to the Future films, A VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT A FUTURE VERY SPECIAL EPISODE, your feedback, general goofs, and more!

Remember to purchase Sean Faust's (@SeanFaust) song "Signal". It's a good song, and 50% of proceeds support Equality Now! (, a charity dedicated to ending violence and discrimination against women.

Find it here:

Sacred Cows is a bi-weekly podcast where we talk about movies. One podcast a month is a deep dive into a single film, the other...we talk about whatever you want to related to these or other films. Your feedback drives the second show, and what movies we watch.

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