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Sacred Cows Tonight - A Movie and TV Review Comedy Podcast

A monthly sketch and discussion podcast where we talk about movies and TV old and new, and decide if they hold up! Follow us on Twitter @SacredCowsPod!

Dec 30, 2015

It's our Holiday Memories 2015 episode! Join us as we talk about our favorite holiday movie memories and share some of yours. We also talk about the next movie coming after our big Star Wars: The Force Awakens Round-Table. Don't miss it!

Links from this episode:

"Boba Fett" by Sean Faust

Funny Gremlins related video via @ShadowbrookAsh:

Topics for next few episodes:

Sacred Cows is a bi-weekly podcast where we talk about movies. We deep dive into films on review episodes (named after a movie), and we have a listener submission driven discussion on movies in general on feedback episodes (named after a quote from the next movie coming up).

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